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In March 2020, most counselors went online. While the change felt uncomfortable at first, it has become part of the new normal. Many people say they even prefer online counseling. Until the pandemic has been officially ended, the request is to engage in online counseling as long as you are able and comfortable. However, certain exceptions for in person sessions are available and the COVID-19 precautions are listed here:

Quo Vadis Wellness/Hines Street Holdings LLC

Informed Consent for Returning to In-Person Sessions
Valid through the duration of the State of Oregon Governor’s Restrictions for COVID-19

The client understands and agrees to the following:
1. Conducting sessions remotely (via video or phone) remains an option and the client is under no obligation to return to in-person sessions. Planned in-person sessions can easily be converted to video or phone sessions as needed.
2. Complete safety cannot be guaranteed. While Quo Vadis Wellness and the client are agreeing to make good faith and best effort to protect one another from the coronavirus, the client understands that they participate in in-person sessions at their own risk. Client agrees to hold harmless Quo Vadis Wellness and Hines Street Holdings, LLC (landlord) in the case of any COVID exposures or illness arising from meeting in person. Client understands that any expenses incurred from illness, COVID testing, days of missed work due to a possible need to quarantine after exposure, or any other expenses or outcomes are their own responsibility.
3. Making a good faith and best effort commitment to be cautious about COVID in general (not just in sessions) by wearing masks in public, hand-washing frequently, and limiting outings to necessary/less risky scenarios.
4. Quo Vadis Wellness can retract the offer of in-person sessions at any time.

The client requesting in-person sessions agrees to:
1. Taking their temperature the morning of the planned appointment.
2. Notify Quo Vadis Wellness promptly if any of the following occur before OR within two weeks following an in-person appointment:
-A positive test for COVID-19
-Close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19
-Temperature of over 100.4 F/38.0 C or chills
-New cough
-Shortness of breath
-New loss of taste or smell
-Sore throat
-Congestion or runny nose (excluding seasonal allergies)
-New unexplained fatigue
-Muscle/body aches
-New headache
-Nausea or vomiting
3. Wearing a mask as you enter the front door, in the restrooms and common areas, and during the session.
4. Conducting session with 6 feet of distance.
5. Washing hands for 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer upon arrival to the building.

Quo Vadis Wellness agrees to:
1. Offer a change to an in-person appointment to a phone or video appointment on request (including right up until the start of the planned appointment time) and for any reason.
2. Take the same precautions as requested from the client: therapist to take their temperature on the day of appointments, wear a mask, wash hands frequently, notify client of possible exposures, switch to telehealth if therapist is concerned about symptoms, etc.
3. Waive late cancellation fees if the cancellation occurs due to concern over coronavirus symptoms or exposure.
4. Shall use disinfectant to clean office surfaces between sessions.
5. Make soap/water and hand sanitizer available at the office.
6. Minimize interactions with items that would have once been considered common use (e.g., tissue boxes, magazines, pens).
6. Communicate and coordinate with other occupants of my building about COVID prevention measures.
7. Uphold all laws set forth by the Government under the emergency COVID-19 response.
8. All other businesses residing on the same property are held to the same standards per the governments COVID-19 decrees.

Client is required to sign form prior to in person session, confirming that they have read this document and had the opportunity to ask questions and they agree to all of its contents.